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Ball Tea Infuser with Drip Bowl

Chain hangs on to the edge of cup Easy to use and easy to clean Place ball infuser into the included drip bowl when your tea is steeped, awaiting the next steep

Bella Coola Summer Popsicle

A refreshing fruit tea with predominant orange character and the lovely sweetness of pineapple.  It's like enjoying a popsicle on a summer day in the Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia.

Blue Spring Oolong

A twist to an imperial favourite. Rare hand-selected Ti Kuan Yin Oolong with layered notes of orchid, baking bread and faint wine.

Blueberry Pie Green Tea

Sweet and tangy. Wild blueberry notes accentuated with full body green gunpowder.

Bohemian Raspberry

Sencha Japanese style green tea with refreshing raspberry pieces and natural flavours.

California Floating Tea Infuser w/ Drip Bowl

This elegant infuser is easy to load with tea leaves and floats in any cup or teapot. Comes with a drip bowl that completes the set for easy storage.

Canadian Icewine

Black and white teas with natural flavours, with enchanting sweet pear notes and hints of berry and caramel. To enhance its delicate flavours, consumption with sugar is recommended.

Cascadia Herbal

All natural herbal with delicate notes of anise. Sprinkled with peppermint, lemon verbena, fennel, cinnamon and blackberry leaves.

Changoi Estate Spoon and Tea Strainer

The Changoi Estate spoon and tea strainer is a perfect combo and makes steeping tea super easy.  A perfect cup of tea spoon on one end, and a strainer for the steeped tea leaves on the other.  Less fuss and hassle.
  • Strainers and infusers (discount with $1000 purchase)
  • Timers

Chardonnay Meursault

A black and green tea blend aromatized with fruity and lightly astringent flavours, with hints of plum and honey abound.

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Dramatic peppermint notes tempered with fruity Choice grade #1 South African rooibos and a hint of chocolate.

Collapsible Laser Mesh

Collapsible portable tea infuser.  Take it with you to enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea where ever you go.  Green, white, and oolong tea leaves can be steeped up to 3 times, so you can keep the brewed tea leaves in the strainer for your next infusion.  Its solid construction won’t bend or deform easily over its lifetime.

Cranberry Echinacea

Cleansing herbal tea with a refreshingly lightly tartness.

Cream Earl Grey

A must for the avid Earl Grey tea drinker! Our flavoury Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy taste. An excellent all day tea with a superb finish.

Deep Sea Diver Infuser and Drip Tray

Channel your adventurous self with this fun deep sea diver infuser. Easy to use and easy to clean. Rest him on the included drip tray raft when your tea is steeped.